Exhibition: Weather

J C Smith: Weather

J C Smith: Weather

Notice: Exhibition 2018
The theme for next year’s exhibition is going to be

So use your imagination and start taking amazing images which show the weather in all its glory

Images to be put on a CD, or pen drive/memory stick Or email to Jane Coulter naturephotographynz@gmail.com
Size 14”x9.5” (35.6×24.1cm), 300 dpi, Colour mode RGB, 8 bit. (Contact Jane for help with this)

Weather ideas:
Rain, puddles, on glass, through car windscreen, bouncing off the road.
Snow scenes, frosty scenes, icicles, snow on trees etc Sun, parched land, desert, dried up lakes, Wind, leaning trees, sea that is whipped up by the wind.
Tornadoes, lightning, raging seas, flooded rivers.