NPSNZ Committee for 2017

Remco Baars (President), Stacey Hill (Vice-President), Elizabeth Burtt (Secretary), Ken Muscroft-Taylor (Treasurer), Kath Varcoe, Diana Stewart, Gavin Treadgold, Bob Wright, Carolyn Collins, Peter Hockley, and Jane Coulter. Carl Thompson (Patron)

A big thank you to Pol Syrett and Katherine McCusker who stepped down from the Committee this year. Katherine will continue in her role as Honours Board Secretary

NPSNZ Honours
Bevan Tulett (Honours Board Chair)

The guide lines state that the Honours Board will be looking for diversity, in both subject matter and
technique, with the emphasis being on the Set rather than the individual images. It must flow well from one to the next and be to a high standard.
I am pleased to say all the Sets displayed good diversity (both subject matter and technique). I don’t think any Set was marked down because of failure to comply. However, especially with the unsuccessful Sets, flow was the major concern, big shifts in colour, horizontals, verticals, then back to horizontal, birds/animals facing in, then out. A number of Sets did not flow very well, and a number of images were not to a high enough standard. We had one Set entered in the Creative Category, it started off well, but never had enough good images to finish with. The standard we set is quite high, Honours distinctions are not given away, they are hard earned and meaningful, those that have been successful can be rightly proud.

The Honours Board, were pleased to award two NPSNZ Associateships this year.
Congratulations to Carolyn Elcock and Priscilla Chapman

Caroline Elcock ANPSNZ

Bevan, Remco and Carolyn Elcock

Carolyn’s Images

Priscilla Chapman ANPSNZ

Bevan, Remco and Priscilla Chapman

Priscilla’s Images

NPSNZ Service Award

Congratulations also to Pol Syrett who was awarded an NPSNZ Service Award for many years spent on the committee, as President of the Society (twice), Honours Board Secretary, Speaker Co-ordinator, leader of several field trips, and also for the huge contribution she made to re-writing the Honours categories.

Carl, Pol, Remco