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Co-ordinator: James Thompson

Image: Anne Lambe, Kingfisher

The competition was started by Hagley Camera Club of Christchurch in 1972 as a memorial to Trenna Packer, a keen nature photographer who was killed in a car accident on her way back from a photographic expedition. 

The Nature Photography Society took over the running of it in 2007. The objective of the Trenna Packer Salver Competition is to illustrate the diversity of the natural world in New Zealand and its off shore islands, with images that are of a very high standard. As the natural environment comes under increasing threats from human activity it is vital that we have a comprehensive collection of high quality images. Many of the images used to illustrate field guides have come from members of camera clubs. 

We hope that by running an annual New Zealand Nature inter-club competition we can promote an increasing interest in photographing the natural world as well as encourage best practice in photographing nature subjects. 

There will be no members images shown on Trenna Packer night.

Supper Maureen Pierre and Pam Cumming

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