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Exhibition Team: Jane Coulter, John C Smith, Pam Cumming, Pol Syrett and Priscilla Chapman

Exhibition Dates: 22 April to 2 June

Our last exhibition was a huge success, and we are now planning the next one. The theme “Colours of Nature” is very broad and members are advised to start planning now.

Some suggestions include: sunrises and sunsets; rainbows; flowers and plants; water and ice; sand and soil; abstracts; and the whole array of rich colours which make up our wonderful world.

Images due by:  15 March 2021 (NPSNZ AGM)

Please send a maximum of 4 images, correctly sized (see below).  Make them as different from each other as possible.  We are aiming for diversity.  If everyone sends all sunsets or all birds, this won’t happen.  Think complementary colours, bright hues and pastels.  We would like to display as wide a range as possible of all the colours that occur in nature.  We want to feature the full gamut of colours of the rainbow in our exhibition and a broad range of subject matter.

If you are having trouble choosing your best four images, please ask for help.  Remember, we are looking for a stunning composition as well as brilliant colours.  With this in mind, there will be a workshop on 28 November, which you may find useful to help you to critique your images.

Please, no heavily cropped images as this reduces quality, and absolutely no squares or panoramas. 

Subject ideas include:   Fungi, rocks, landscapes, insects, sky, textures, sunrises/sunsets, rainbows, flowers and plants, water and ice, sand and soil, including abstracts, in the whole array of rich colours which make up our wonderful world.  Subject matter is not limited to New Zealand, but please remember no, or only very minimal, human elements.

We use standard frames so the images need to comply with the stated sizing.  Can be either landscape or portrait.
Sizing:   14 x 9.5 inches OR 356 x 241 mm at 300 dpi  
                Equal to 4200 x 2850 pixels

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