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Guest: Dr Tara Murray

Topic: Robust Grasshoppers

Dr. Tara Murray is a senior lecturer in the University of Canterbury where she teaches biosecurity, forest health, insect biology, and insect conservation in the School of Forestry, School of Biological Sciences, and Environmental Science degree programmes. Tara grew up skipping between the Mackenzie Basin and West Coast and regularly accompanied her parents tramping in the hills or working out on the braided rivers to protect Kakī. As a result she was fascinated with the diversity of insect life from an early age. In 2015, she established a research programme focused on insect conservation that centres around Threatened and At Risk grasshoppers and other braided river insects in the Mackenzie basin. Her work involves implementing conservation actions integrated with experimental design to inform and improve conservation management. Tara is also the secretary of the New Zealand Entomological Society.

Supper: Lesley Tuffley and Remco Baars
Back Table: Jane and Stacey

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