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At the end of June, we begin our 15th national Garden Bird Survey, New Zealand’s longest running citizen science project that counts the garden birds, and this year we hope to make to make it the biggest and best yet. With 15 years of data we are starting to see patterns of environmental change. But we need you to keep the count going. The more we know about our birds, the better we can protect our environment for the future.

1. Visit the NZ Garden Bird Survey website to get started.
2. Select a garden, or a local park or school grounds.
3. Choose any ONE day between 26 June and 4 July.
4. Look and listen for birds on that day for ONE hour.
5. For each species, record the HIGHEST number seen or heard at one time.
6. Submit the results online at the NZ Garden Bird Survey website.

Visit the NZ Garden Bird Survey website  for more information

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