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Landscape photography- field exercise aimed at creating impact in a rural scene, focused on wide angle v stitched telephoto zoom lens, filters, stitching etc

Please note change of location to the Summit Road, meeting at the car-park where the road is closed to motor vehicles adjacent to Rapaki Rock / Witch Hill.  Access from Dyers Pass Road and left onto Summit Road.

Venue: In field and location that has – clear view from foreground to distant hills to capture the recession of downs to higher hills to front mountains and the afternoon soft light from the setting sun spilling over the highest hills onto the mid hills and light and shade in the foreground. Suitable locations – Rapaki Rock, Summit Road; Pyramid Valley, west of Waikari, Nth Canterbury, ……………

Objectives of workshop: to be a follow-up to the 2020 “critiquing a landscape image workshop”.

To be a hands on / field exercise experimenting with different lenses, with or without graduated neutral density filters (GND), to capture the subdued beauty of the soft fading light and simulating the different depth of field. To experiment with single shot wide angle / larger Depth of Field v. multiple shot stitched image / compressed Depth of Field from using a narrower field of view lens.

Secondly the use of GND filters to balance the light and get better in camera exposure for highlights v shadows and enhance the image by capturing the subtle light and shade. A benefit – to capture the look you are seeking in camera or a long way towards that rather than spending time on post-processing.

Thirdly – the tricks of the trade. When a GND should not be used, tripod or not for panorama / stitched images, white balance selection, hyperfocal distance, issues with high definition cameras and alternative methods to achieve acceptable focus.
• Lens selection:
Ø Wide angle e.g 16mm + for the wide view (the big scene) but distortion on the edges versus telephoto e.g 70- 200 mm zoom to compress
Ø GND filters
Ø HDR – in camera auto or manual selection of exposure
• Focus stacking- auto on camera or manual to achieve sharp focus and then image merge in post-processing
• Scene selection looking for tonal contrast, repetitive shapes / patterns / leading lines. Also scale and illusion of depth (this could also be illustrated in Hagley Park on foggy days) and “less is more”.

What to bring: Camera, tripod, filters (CPL, ND and GND), lunch / water and suitable clothes and footwear.

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