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What is the workshop about- some of the matters we will cover:

·        Do you print your images for home viewing,create photo books or entering competitions. Or would like to!

·        Have you used Fuji kiosk machines for prints,calendars or photo books, professional printing services such as Kens Camera,used Blurb or Momento for photo books or another printing / graphics company.What it pays to know to get a quality job and differences between each service.

·        Camera file size and cropping- some of the issues down the line.

·        The need to critically examine an image for faults and distraction, before committing file for printing

·        Are you familiar with the in-camera settings and practices , post processing settings  and colour space to achieve a quality print and importantly meet your expectations

·        What are the ideal room lighting conditions when carrying out post-processing. Will have some discussion on this.

·        Are you familiar with colour space requirements when using  Blurb and  Momento printing services , as two examples

·        Monitor calibration- what is this and what are the benefits of having your monitor calibrated.

·        Photographic paper – what are the types and different results from each.

·        Why do some prints turn out too dark. We will talk about the common reasons.

·        Specs for NPS exhibitions

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The following content is accessible for members only, please sign in.

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