Where: Wall to Wall Gallery, Bridge St, Nelson.
When: Guest artist for all of June
Topic: Mixed Media
Guest artist talk: at the gallery 12 – 1pm Friday June 16th

Sally has been a member of NPSNZ for many years and has inspired us to think laterally and play with our cameras. 

If you can be Nelson this month, visit the gallery to see the fun she is having playing with Mixed Media.

From Sally:-

I use materials discarded by nature, and discarded by man… copper wire from the recycling centre, copper sheeting, some of it found in friends’ garages – “Hey, you might like to play with this!”. I use bark and leaves which are being shed and combine them all.

I love trees, and the “Forest Dwellers” and “Tree houses” are playful renditions of the secret life of trees and the links that exist between them in a forest community.

My work has a touch of whimsy, loads of imagination, buckets of playfulness and fun, and constant learning and exploration. All of these elements have infused themselves deep within me throughout all of my lifetime situations.

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Sally Mason: Tree Houses
Sally Mason: Copper Moth Collection
Sally Mason: Wigwam Real Estate, window access only