“Our Special Place”

This is very short notice, however, it may appeal to many of our members
Details of an Arthurs Pass photo competition.
It closes on 30 December 2022 and may appeal to someone who took a bird photo, especially one of a kea in the last 12 months.

“Our Special Place – Our Special Birds” Arthur’s Pass 2023 Summer programme


Sponsored by North Canterbury Branch of Forest & Bird


The Arthur’s Pass 2023 Summer programme “Our Special Place – Our Special Birds” commences on New Year’s Eve, Saturday 31 December 2022, and finishes on Saturday 7 January 2023.

The summer programme is organised by the Arthur’s Pass Association, the Kea Conservation Trust, and the Arthur’s Pass Wildlife Trust, with the support from the Department of Conservation and North Canterbury Branch of Forest and Bird.

As part of the summer programme the North Canterbury Branch of Forest and Bird invite entries to a summer programme photo competition.

Entries selected for judging will be printed and displayed in the Arthur’s Pass Community Centre. They will be judged during the week of the Summer Programme. Winners will be announced on the final day (Saturday 7 January) and published on the North Canterbury Branch of Forest and Bird Facebook page. Photos might also be provided to news media along with a news story about the winners of the competition.

Details follow:

Rules of entry

  1. All photos must be supplied digitally in a JPEG format and emailed to: auldwood@outlook.com
  2. Entries must be received no later than 5pm (1700 hours) on Friday 30 December 2022
  3. Photos entered must have been taken within the Arthurs Pass National Park area within the 12 months prior to Friday 30 December 2022.
  4. There is a maximum of five entries per person
  5. Entries must be attached to an email as a JPEG file, with the body of the email noting the file name of each entry and providing a caption for that entry.
  6. Entries must provide the:
    • –  name of the photographer
    • –  age of the photographer (if in the junior category)
    • –  Date when the photo was taken
    • –  Describe where (approximately) in Arthurs Pass National Park it was taken
    • –  Whether or not the photographer is happy for their photos to be provided to the Department of Conservation and Forest & Bird for ongoing conservation advocacy and education (see clause 11 below).
  7. Photos may be entered in more than one category (see below)
  8. By entering, persons submitting photos certify that they took the photograph themselves and own the intellectual property rights of the photo.9.  By entering, persons submitting photos that contain images of people certify that they have the permission of the persons in the photo (or their guardians if children feature) for the entry and for that entry to be displayed or otherwise published.10. Not all photos will be printed for display. Judges will shortlist entries for display purposes and only shortlisted photos will be judged for the various prizes listed below.

Intellectual property rights

  1. The copyright of photos entered is retained by the entrant
  2. Competition organisers will ensure all published photos, including those provided to media, record the name of the photographer
  3. Please indicate if you are happy for any of your photographs to be provided to Forest & Bird and the Department of Conservation for ongoing conservation advocacy and education purposes. These photos will be filed with the name of the photographer recorded and acknowledged with each subsequent publication. No fees will be paid to the photographer for such use.
  4. At the close of the competition, all printed copies of the photos will be destroyed, and all digital files deleted, with the exception of those files where the photographer has given permission for their ongoing use by the Department of Conservation or Forest & Bird.

Entry categories

  1. Open
    • –  Open to anyone of any age
    • –  Photos must feature a natural feature of Arthurs Pass National Park (landscape, plants, birds, insects etc).
    • –  Human structures are permitted provided they are not the main topic of the photograph
  2. Living things
    • –  Open to anyone of any age
    • –  Entries must feature an endemic or native living element of Arthurs Pass National Park such as a bird, insect, plant, reptile etc
    • –  Entries cannot simply be a landscape, the “living thing” should feature strongly and in detailPrizesAll prize winners eligible for free Forest &Bird membership for one year or Kiwi Conservation Club (KCC) for one year (as appropriate).

17. Overall winner
– The best photograph from all the entries in the competition

Prize: $300

  1. Winner of Open category 
    Prize: $75 voucher for Forest & Bird online shop (https://shop.forestandbird.org.nz/)
  2. Winner of ‘living things’ category 
    Prize: $75 voucher for Forest & Bird online shop (https://shop.forestandbird.org.nz/)
  3. Best Junior
    • –  Open to persons 15 years of age or younger as at 1 December 2022
    • –  The winner will be selected from a junior entry to any of the categories above
    • –  Prize: $75 voucher for Forest & Bird online shop (https://shop.forestandbird.org.nz/)
  4. Best Kea
    • –  Open to any entrant in any of the categories above
    • –  Photos must feature a kea as the main subject
Prize: $75 voucher for Forest & Bird online shop (https://shop.forestandbird.org.nz/)