NPSNZ Covid-19 Policy v1.4

Nature Photography Society of New Zealand COVID-19 Policy Version 1.4

Version 1.4 was approved by the Nature Photography Society of New Zealand (Society) Management Committee on the 07/12/2022.

A review of this policy will occur should there be a re-instatement of the New Zealand COVID Protection Framework

This policy will be published on or linked to on:
  Each Society activity (meeting, workshop, trip) page on the Society’s web site
  The Society’s members Facebook page
  The back table at Society meetings
  The end of each newsletter

On December the 2nd 2021 the Government introduced the COVID-19 Protection Framework also known as the Traffic Light System. They also rolled out the COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate (Vaccine Pass). The Society is obligated to run their activities within the Framework.

The Framework is regularly updated by the Government and this policy is subsequently updated. This version takes into account the changes that occurred on the13th of September 2022. These changes resulted in the COVID Protection Framework ending.

While the COVID Protection Framework has ended there are still procedures that members should adhered to while engaging in Society activities:


If a Society member tests positive to COVID or they have COVID symptoms they should remain at home and not come to society meetings for 7 days after testing positive for COVID.
If they are a household contact of someone with COVID they should undertake a COVID RAT Test. If this comes back positive they should not attend the society activity.

For overnight society activities (ie field trips) a COVID RAT test is encouraged prior to attending the trip.

 Click HERE to download the Nature Photography Society COVID Version 1.4