Bevan Tulett and Richard Studholme
It is with great sadness that I inform you that Bevan Tulett passed away on Monday 22 May.
He was a lovely man and he donated much of his time to the Society over the years.
Bevan was a valued member of the Honours Board for nine years and Chair for five years. He received a Service Award in 2021 when he stepped down from the Honours Board.
He was also on the Trenna Packer selection panel over this period and helped us to achieve many successful club sets.
He was passionate about photography, especially birds and fungi. Bevan believed all birds should be captured doing something and would spend hours watching hawks swooping on their prey and capturing the action.
And when it came to macro work with fungi, he would find a suitable subject and look at it from every angle to get the light, composition and focus perfect before pressing the shutter. As a result he took many award winning images.
Bevan was diagnosed in January with inoperable brain cancer and was the dearly loved husband of Marylyn.
We do not have any information regarding his funeral at this stage.
Jane Coulter