Trip Leader: Andrea Thompson

Trip Report: Linley Earnshaw

Our recent photographic walk and a beach clean up at New Brighton was, of course, followed by coffee and a catch-up.

Sixteen of us rolled up with cameras, bags and gloves on a morning that was predicted to bring rain. I’m learning to associate NPS field trips with rain now after Punakaiki and Cass, so I was well prepared. Sure enough, after a wander along the pier, a clean-up of beach and dunes, the expected black cloud appeared over Halswell. And as I was tucking into a mango and coconut muffin, hot out of the oven, the cloud broke and large rain drops splattered against the cafe windows. Good job the photos were already in the camera/phone (my camera is in for repair).

Thanks for a great idea, Andrea, and thanks to everyone for their clean-up capers.

Trip photos by Richard and me.



New Brighton
The pier
New Brighton