Honours Awarded in 2023

Barry David Mahon

Donna Jennings

NPSNZ Honours Information

The deadline for submitting an honours portfolio is at the end of January.

Please think about applying for your Honours, whether you have done so before or not. It is a great way to learn, and to improve your photography. If you missed out previously, do please try again. We aim to keep the standard high, so inevitably many of us will miss out first time around.


Honours are awarded at 3 levels: Fellow (F), Associate (A), Licentiate (L)

Images may be submitted as either prints or digital projected images.

For an L Set

the requirement is for 10 images, which should flow well, represent a range of subject matter and technique, and demonstrate a high level of photographic skill.

For an A Set

the requirement is for 12 images demonstrating a higher level of a range of skills. The set should flow well, and represent a range of subject matter and technique.

For an F Set

the requirement is for a set of 18 images of exceptional quality, showing originality and mastery of photographic skill and style. They should follow a distinct theme (e.g. a set of images of orchid flowers).

If you already have honours it is possible to submit a set at the same level but in a different category, in this case you will receive a certificate but not additional letters. Please talk to the honours board secretary if you are considering this.
E-mail: honourssecretary@naturephotography.nz


Nature: Natural Environment and Wildlife

Subject Matter: Can be any natural history subject, such as wildlife, plants and geology, but also includes landscapes, provided they are in the natural environment with minimal evidence of human activity.

Technique: The emphasis should be on accurate representation of the subject, so as to inform the viewer about the subject.

Download guidelines file: NPSNZ Natural Environment & Wildlife- Instructions for Honours Submission

Nature: Creative

Subject Matter: As in Natural Environment and Wildlife.

Technique: The intention of this category is to show the photographer’s creative and artistic interpretation of nature. This category shows the use of creative techniques both in the camera and post production.

Download guidelines file: NPSNZ Creative- instructions for Honours Submissions

Nature: Impact of Humans on Nature (photojournalism)

Subject Matter: Sets of images must represent the influence of humans on nature or a natural process or activity.

Technique: This category is intended to promote photojournalism as it relates to human impact on natural subjects. Images and sets should tell a story that describes the impacts of humans on nature or natural processes. The inclusion of human elements is expected and a strong interaction with nature or a natural process must be demonstrated.

Download guidelines file: NPSNZ Impact of Humans on Nature-Instructions for Honours Submissions


Click here for the HONOURS INVITATION

For more details please contact the honours board secretary (Barry Dench) at honourssecretary@naturephotography.nz