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Doug Herriot: Love-in-a-mist


Obituary – Anne Lambe

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Winifred Anne Lambe (Anne) on Tuesday 20th December, beloved mother of Maureen, Michael, and Kevin after a sudden short illness at the age of

Exhibition 2024

Theme: Black and White It's that time again! The exhibition team are excited to announce the 2024 Exhibition, which will coincide with the 30th Anniversary of the Society.   We have some great venues lined up


President’s Column – January 2023

Happy New Year everyone.  Let us hope that 2023 will be kind to all.

The committee are planning a memorial trip to Kaikoura in February.  Please see details, in this newsletter.

The “How Bizarre” fun competition in December was well received and we had a lot of laughs.  Thanks to Caro for judging.  We enjoyed a busy evening with many members coming to join us for a bit of Christmas cheer.

As you know our next exhibition has been advertised and that will take place in 2024.  Last month I asked for a couple of members to volunteer to help organise the 30th Anniversary celebrations, along with a committee member.  I have received one volunteer to help organise the 30th Anniversary, but we need another please.

We are also looking for someone who understands composition well, to join the Trenna Packer selection team.  You need a keen eye and the ability to put a set together.  The role is not at all onerous, so please see me if you are keen to help.

Our Field Trip calendar is a little thin, so please let us know of any favourite destinations and invite the club along.  Trips are not difficult to organise.

Sue Blair has taken on the Supper Co-ordination role, as Helen now spends club nights running the computer.  We will soon be asking members to sign up for the supper roster for 2023.

Honours Applications close this month, so if you are going to apply for your Honours,  please get your set finalised and submit it by 31 January.

Welcome to new members over the last few months: Stephanie Forrester, Peter Davies, Maureen McNamara and Kate Leggett.

I had a wonderful Christmas spending time with American relatives at home and at our West Coast bach.  The weather was hot and dry and we spent many days swimming in the Lake to cool off.  Most of my photos were taken with my cell phone, but I did take the opportunity to have a small play with my camera.  A little bit of macro and playing with depth of field.

Happy photographing everyone and stay safe.



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