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President’s Column – May 2022 

Since the last newsletter I have been on three club trips. The first to the  Botanic Gardens to enjoy autumn, or should I say pre-autumn as the case  was. Had a lovely morning fossicking amongst the late flowers and  seedheads, but there was a distinct lack of autumn colour on the trees.  The second, was the trip to Lake Paringa, South Westland, which was  brilliant, and I enjoyed all the interesting weather, surf, bush walks and rock  formations. Took far too many photos of waves crashing on the beach,  trying to capture the essence of West Coast wildness. And third was the  recent pop-up trip for Sunrise at New Brighton. Again, water movement  was key for me, and I loved the soft pastel shades and moody tones. 

While we are looking forward to meeting in person once again, we have  been trialing a new modem for our clubrooms. So, for those who cannot, or do not wish to meet face to face, you can join us online. 

This month’s speaker Carey Knox is speaking about geckos and skinks and I  am really looking forward to that. 

A reminder please to all of you who take awesome Natural History images,  that Trenna Packer is coming up and we need many diverse images to  make up the set of 6. The deadline is 16 May. 

Upcoming trips – we have a few trips in the calendar, but we need more.  While the committee endeavour to organise trips, we also need club  members to run trips, whether they be half day, full day or weekend trips,  so please, if you have a destination in mind, make sure someone knows  about it and we will help you arrange it. 

Gina is organising the Society workshops and two of these are advertised in this  newsletter. Make sure to join in, and learn something if they appeal to you. 

I’d like to welcome two new members to the Society – they are Susan Cade  and Jim O’Malley, both are from the Wellington area. 

Happy photographing everyone and stay safe. 

Jane Coulter

Jane Coulter: Botanic gardens
Jane Coulter - Brighton


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