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President’s Column – May 2024

Since our last newsletter I have managed to get away on two excellent field
trips, one to Glentanner / Aoraki Mt Cook and the second to Arthurs Pass. A
highlight for me was trapsing out across the top of Lake Pukaki with Jane to
see the Kaki / Black Stilts. These trips provide great opportunities to practice
different photographic genre, from landscapes to birds to macro. I also like
the great sharing we have on our field trips where members talk about their
techniques, interests, the photos they took on the day and where other good
places to take photographs are.

We have another full trip to Quail Island coming up where we will be staying
overnight in the DOC hut. This should provide some good photography
subjects for us to shoot. While not nature related I am hoping to get some
good shots of the ship wrecks there.

One of our regular field trips is to Cass for a mid-winter gathering. These have
been very popular for the cool weather photography as well as socialising. We
are looking for someone to organise and run this trip. Running trips is not hard
and it is good share this across our members. If you would like to consider
running this trip or any others please let Andrea, myself, or one of the
committee know. We can help you with this.

Our Black and White exhibition is now at St Georges and it was exciting to hear
that four prints were sold within hours of it being opened.

This month we welcome Marie-Louise Myburgh to the Society and Kristy Rusher who has re-joined.


James Thompson


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