“Ward and the Kaikoura Coast” – NZ – with Bob Wright – 25th – 27th September 2015

Trip Report by Barry Dench

Seven members enjoyed a variety of photo opportunities on offer on the Marlborough central and Kaikoura coast, good company, the laughs, good food and drink etc. Accommodation at A1 Motel, Ward. Our trip to Ward and the Kaikoura Coast was interesting, a little challenging and enjoyable.

Interesting – due to range of interesting sites i.e. Ward Beach rock formations worn smooth by waves, pebble beach material, starfish exposed at low tide, wave action on the steep beach, seal colony, sea birds etc. and moody sunrises on cloudy days.

The beach provided the core interest for our trip however Saturdays journey into the coastal hills, around the perimeter of Lake Grassmere salt works and to adjacent Marfells Beach and self-drive tour around Yealands vineyard provided added interest. And stops on our Sunday journey home at Wharanui Church, coffee / tea stop at Kekerengu, seascape shots along the North Kaikoura coast with recent snow on the Kaikoura’s as a backdrop, seal viewing at Ohau Point and later bird watching at South Bay topped off a good weekend.

The elevated view of the coast and the valleys vista’s from the coastal hills at Ward would provide opportunities for future photography assignments of sunrises, light and shade shots of the valleys and stormy weather photos amongst others.

Challenging due to the cold, windy and wet Saturday morning, however improved albeit still very windy in the afternoon for our short journey north to the salt works, Marfells Beach and through the vineyard. Ward Beach is but a few minutes drive from the motel so pre sunrise and sunset visits were worthwhile.

Enjoyable in visiting places that many of us speed pass on our way to and from Blenheim on S Hway 1. Ward Beach is different to many with its worn smooth rock formations and our love affair with sunrises over the sea, the seals, coastal bird species etc.

After Saturday’s wet and cold start we did the local tourist thing doing the tiki tour at Yealands etc and as normal stopped off at the local (Seddon) café for coffee etc. On way back to our accommodation Bob led the way into the hills for a look see to check out locations.

Saturday night’s pot luck dinner capped off a good day, good food, wine and interesting conversation. Our units had 3 or 4 beds, kitchen with a full sized stove and dining / lounge area. By rearranging the furniture we had a cosy dining experience around the table.

An enjoyable and successful weekend away. Thanks to Bob for organising and leading the trip.

Barry Dench

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