Trip Report by Remco Baars.

Ramble in the jungle (Riccarton Bush)

Lets get ready to rrrramble!!!!

23 people did just that Tuesday the 18th of August. We were kindly let in to the predator-proof fence at Riccarton Bush to find what we could do with night-time macro-photography. It was great to have Bryce McQuillan, Amanda and Cor with us as they helped us find interesting insects, spiders and fungi to photograph. In the hour we were in there, we probably walked a total of maybe 100 metres. Almost every tree held a new treasure to photograph, and when we got back to Mark and Meg Errington’s house, we looked at the images taken during our ramble. Some of them are certainly deserving of inclusion for our Trenna Packer defence next year – check them out on our Flickr page.

Many thanks to Mark and Meg, and Bryce, Angela and Cor for their help on the night – much appreciated!