Field-Trip: Avon River Walk

Date: Saturday 22nd June 2019

Trip Leader: Andrea

Trip Report: Sue B

A small group of 8 NPSNZ members met at 9.00am at the Colombo St Bridge.  The weather was good, so off we went on our wander beside the Avon River.  Victoria Square gave us the fountain, beds of poppies and reflections of a golden willow at the water’s edge.  Following the Avon River we arrived at the steps near the “Strip”. James had bought some raw meat to feed the eels which live near and under the steps.  There were quite a few eels, all different sizes but they had great appetites. Thankfully James retained all his fingers.

Over the Bridge of Remembrance and past the Memorial Wall, saying a quiet Hi to Stephen, we arrived at the Boat Sheds, photographing reflections and ducks as we went.  We all enjoyed a coffee and a chat at the restaurant.

Many thanks to Andrea for organising the morning and those attendees whose company was very enjoyable.

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