Raupo Bay Expedition with Brian

Trip Report by Brian

Unfortunately Raupo Bay was closed due to lambing, but we went that way anyway.

After departing from Little River at 9:30am we meandered up to the Hilltop and continued on to Little Akaloa taking in the vistas of Akoroa Harbour on the way.

The Hilltop clouds slowly moved away affording views of trees on the horizons and vistas in Pigeon Bay,

Dropping down into Little Akaloa, we spent some time wandering on the beach taking shots of stones and other parts of the bay.

Moving from there we took in the view from Chorlton in Raupo Bay, then onto the point above Stony Bay. Shots here were mainly of trees, although a few cows came visiting too.

After a visit to the O’Kains Bay cemetery, we lunched at the O’Kains Bay camping ground. Some managed to get some Sand Patterns there.

After lunch we moved to the other end of the beach and walked into Little O’kains Bay enjoying the views out to the north and taking images of the small island off the point.

We finally exited the bay taking the top road out to the summit and the top of the bay. Unfortunately at that stage the clouds obscured the views.

All in all a very enjoyable trip

Thank you all for coming and making the day great

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