Field-trip to Bendigo/Nevis Valley – 29th Nov to 2nd Dec 2018

Field-trip leaders: Peter and Barry

Field-trip report: Heather.

Isn’t it great that we are adaptable photographers as Plan B was required to start this trip. Thomson Gorge was a wash out so roll on Bendigo Conservation/Historic Areas. The Lindis Pass Hotel was out of beer so a ramble amongst the ruins and drinks from our flasks were enjoyed-the sun even shone! The controversial “Russell Lupins” were spectacular along the river, in paddocks and beside ponds-long  may they continue to flower ( that point may get me into trouble with the authorities).

Moving onto the Bendigo Gold Fields area of Logantown and Welshtown ruins, many were surprised at the vineyard expansion, the centre pivot irrigation systems, the increasing merinos and the changing landscapes. The old buildings and mining gear filled many hours and SD cards. Nature supplied wonderful cloud formations and brewing storms over the Pisa Range, which were perfect for photos. Some found frogs and even how wet a pond can be, Quails, Yellowheads and Skylarks. A few moved onto Ophir for buildings, picket fences and coffee before all meeting at the Top10 Holiday Park at Cromwell.

Ready to roll on Saturday am, we headed towards the Nevis Valley. For many their first visit, so excitement was high. The weather co-operated, the Thyme and Spaniards were flowering and the marvellous Central Otago rocks at Duffer Saddle provided  interesting shapes, angles, detail and mosses. Wondering off the ridge to the Nevis River/Valley the landscapes were clear and wide. The Nevis Tree (now the rival to the Wanaka Tree) offered perfect reflections, ducks and skinks. We pondered over the pick and shovel tailings we were amongst and the hardships endured by the miners. Further along the road we met at the Lower Nevis with its 1 private house, cemetery, golf course and historical museum area. We gathered more history from Donald Robertson Stewart, the developer and minder of this special spot. Lunch/chatter was enjoyed looking over “Stewarts Gully”, an area transformed by sluice mining. Homeward bound to Otematata for the traditional Pot Luck Dinner and the odd drink or 2!

Thanks to Peter and Barry for researching and guiding us into an amazing part of the South Island, full of history, scenery, surprises and nature at its best. Everyone had smiles on their faces and many WOW moments were shared- there is more to explore down there, no pressure Peter and Barry. (Remember the photo challenge, there will be excellent photos to share at the next Club Night.) 

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