This year we are holding our NPSNZ 30th anniversary exhibition. The theme for this is Nature in Black and White.

To help members prepare photos for this in August, October and November last year we held three  workshops at our club rooms on making black and white images. James Gibson lead all three workshops.

In the first workshop James lead us through selecting photos for processing and then demonstrated his B&W photo processing workflow. At the end of this session most of us attending had selected some potential photos for processing.

In the second session we worked on processing our photos and getting some feedback from James on how we were going.

The last session was used to finesse our photos and show each other what we had come up with, and get more feedback from James.

With each of us bringing our own computers along to the workshops the club rooms were a spaghetti of power cords and multi-boards.

A big thanks to James Gibson for running these workshops and to our members who attended.

James Thompson: Birds Nest Fungi