Christchurch Botanical Gardens – 26th April 2017

Trip Guide: Maureen

Trip Report: Carolyn

The Botanic Gardens were glowing in gold and russet, making wonderful images for around a dozen NPS members to capture. I tried to find contrasting colours e.g. the copper beech with the gold tulip tree in the background, Gunnera with Swamp Cypress etc for my images.

The maples provided another startling contrast although it was really difficult to line up a shot from the path. Numerous times I wished I worked there and could step anywhere I wished. I found plants which I’d never noticed before and I’m sure others probably did as well.

We started off over by the pond with the stone bridge but slowly drifted off to do our own thing, meeting up later on at the Ilex cafe for a chat over our drinks and the delicious treats that we couldn’t resist.

Thank you, Maureen, for making sure we didn’t miss this treasure in April.


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