Trip Leader: Linley Earnshaw

Upon a morn of bright sunshine and fair weather,
We set forth with NPSNZ to the Boyle River together.
Sue Blair, most fair and full of grace,
Did guide us through mossy lands with a merry pace.

Fungi of green jellies, lbm’s, and yellow coral,
Did we find in abundance, a sight most moral.
With macro lenses and prone positions,
We captured their beauty with great decision.

A potluck dinner on Saturday night,
Did add to our joy and our delight.
In the company of friends, fungi, and magic,
Our weekend was spent, most fantastic.

Though inadvertently, I did tread upon one,
Our spirits were high and our journey not done.
A splendid time we had, full of cheer,
Grateful for the experience and our fungling gear!

Text created by Bing AI on the Edge browser based on keywords from trip members and asking for a fun Shakespearean tone, with a few adaptions to the finished poem.

Linley Earnshaw: Bing AI
Andrea's shirt
Linley Earnshaw: Austropaxillus sp