Boyle River Fungi Forage Field-Trip 11th to 13th May 2018

Trip Guide: Diana

Trip Report: Linley & Richard

Fortuitously fourteen fotographers found fabulous fungi in a forest. There were purple ones, and red ones and green, yellow, brown just waiting to be spotted. The art of fungi photography seems to be … first spot your subject, triangulate your tripod and then fiddle with your f-stop. Repeat for hours. Just steps from the lodge was great macro fun and frustration. Total wet weather gear made lying on the soft moss a pleasure, of sorts. Highly recommended if only for the expert coaching for us newbies in the warm, dry lodge with a glass of wine, which allowed us to nail it on Saturday. Shame about the weather on Sunday but we stopped off at Woodend which was dry and full of fungi fun too. Richard took the Robin with his fancy new camera and amazing lens, Linley fudged the rest on her borrowed machine. Thanks to Diana and the rest of the crew for welcoming us along and sharing all the tips and tricks

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