Field-Trip Report: Christchurch Botanic Gardens, 25 July 2018

Trip Guide: Maureen

Trip Report: Pol

Eleven of us joined Maureen for a couple of hours photographing in the propagating glasshouses at the Botanic Gardens.  We were instructed not to touch or move anything, especially plant labels.  The aisles between the plant tables were narrow, so we had to be very careful manoeuvring our tripods and other gear to access a variety of interesting and unusual plants.  The warmth was welcome, but also nice to work in the cooler, temperate section at the end of the block.  So many thanks to Maureen for arranging this for us.  I’ve always thought that I’d like to get in among these plants that are visible from the café, and now I know what is in there!  Mostly I used my macro lens, but I also taped an infra-red filter over my iPhone, to see what effects I could get.  The seedlings stand out much more clearly photographed using infra-red rather than visible radiation, but the level of radiation is low, so high ISO and slow speed don’t make for a great image.

Thanks Maureen for organising an interesting morning.

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