Christchurch Botanic Gardens Field Trip – 26th September 2018

Trip Leader:  Maureen 

Trip Report:  Bob 

Nine intrepid adventurers and naturalists were welcomed at the bridge by Donald and Daisy Duck and their dozen three or four day old ducklings before we departed for a very enjoyable expedition to enjoy the plants waking up after their winter snooze.  We found abundant new shoots and regrowth with delicate pastel shades on the leaves as well as many plants in full bloom.  Sheltering from the cold southerly breeze under the flowering cherry in full bloom on the weather station lawn we were greeted by another mother duck and four adolescent ducklings.  A ramble through the alpine garden and then on to the small hot house behind the conservatories gave the opportunity to practice our photographic skills on an extensive range of flowering and emerging plants. 

We wound up for a hot drink at the cafe before departing to escape the Parking Warden. 

Thanks very much Maureen for being tour guide and team leader.

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