Christchurch Botanic Gardens Spring Ramble – 8th September 2018

Trip Leader:  Diana S

Trip Report:  Nadine 

A group of 15 or so members plus some new prospects gathered in the Botanic Gardens on Saturday.  Our leader Diana S, set us a six part challenge.  There was plenty to see and we were often side tracked but it was great to have a goal rather than wandering around willy nilly. The Magnolias were looking spectacular and the blossom tree by the lake was full of Silvereyes going after the nectar.  A Kereru even joined in.  Bedding borders sang with colour and provided subjects for the ‘flowers in lines’.  As the light was quite harsh obtaining Bokeh was nigh on impossible.  For a variety of reasons quite a few had to depart early leaving a small number of us to enjoy lunch together under a large tree near the cafe.   Regardless it was a very enjoyable morning and we went away with some interesting images.

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