9th June 2020

NPSNZ – Covid-19 Update

At a committee meeting last night the NPSNZ committee again reviewed the Government’s current Covid-19 lockdown situation. As you will all be aware, there have
been no new Covid-19 cases for some time and now we have no active cases!
Effective immediately New Zealand has moved to Alert Level 1 and the NPSNZ committee is delighted to announce it is now time to recommence our usual activities.
We will, of course, need to observe all current Government Health & Safety guidelines, in particular hygiene and contact tracing requirements, where necessary.
NPSNZ Monthly Club Nights: As we already have a virtual club night meeting organised for June, our next ‘real’ club night will be in July.
Field Trips & Workshops: Will recommence as per our events calendar. Naturally, should you have any ailments of any kind at the time of an NPSNZ event, then you must not
It should be noted there is a possibility of Covid-19 reoccurring in New Zealand and appropriate action will need to be taken should this eventuate.
We are sure you will all be looking forward to meeting up with your NPS friends again as
soon as possible.

Peter Hockley