Field-Trip: Explore the City

Date: Wednesday 19th June 2019

Trip Leader: Liz

Trip Report: Carolyn C

Seven shivering souls set off in search of spectacular scenes in the shattered central city.

Well, there’s no way I’ll be able to continue in that way for the whole report but you get the general picture.  It was a chilly morning but we found plenty of interesting subjects for our cameras as we explored lanes we’d never gone down, murals never seen and weird and wacky street art in just one very small area of the city.  Who knew there was a serene central garden in the new Justice Dept, many new native plantings hidden in lane-ways, that the lead-light windows above “World” ( Cnr of Lichfield and High Sts) are just a facade and that there’s a mind-blowing geometric wall in creams and blues that reads SALT, which apparently has two meanings – St Asaph, Lichfield and Tuam OR South Alternative.

If you Google this heading, you can read all about it.

“Mural by record-setting street artist bringing colour back to SALT district”.

The morning ended with drinks and eats at C1 Espresso where the cabinet food made choosing far too difficult and one “piggy” went back for seconds. Thank you so much, Liz.  I, for one, will be going back for more exploration.

Image Credit: Bob Wright.

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