Field-Trip: Gibraltar Rock & Omahu Bush – 28th September 2019

Trip Leader:  Nadine C

Trip Report:  Jillian W

It would be hard to imagine a better destination for an NPSNZ Day Trip than Omahu Bush Reserve, high on Banks Peninsula’s Summit Road. The bush, the walks and the wonderful Anne’s Falls were all delightful and yet were virtually just a hefty stone’s throw from the Christchurch CBD.
Nadine organised the event with much finesse, plus explained all the options thoroughly. However, that didn’t stop a couple of us going a tad astray, and having to haul ourselves up the steep & longer Prendergast Track back to the cars.
The Falls themselves are a delight and we were very lucky to see them in full flow. The bird life was special too, with bellbirds, fan tails, wood pigeons, grey warblers and even a tomtit making appearances. Some of us visited the Falls, while others took advantage of the looping bush walks.
Thanks so much Nadine. All your thorough preparation gave us a wonderful outing.

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