Leader: Gina McGauley
When: Wednesday 23rd February 2022

Report: Gina

On a pleasant overcast morning eight club members (including Nel who is a new recruit!) went for a wander from Allandale to Govenor’s Bay jetty which looks very forlorn and is still broken. It was a walk with plenty of variation of subjects;
it is always interesting to see what others focussed on whether it was plants, landscapes, birds or interpretive nature shots.
For some it was the soft swells of silver slipping silently southward.
For others it was fascinating Ohinetahi Volcanic Caverns which look like nature’s terracotta tiles Always something new to learn and enjoy.

Photo credit: Gina, Sue, Kath, Maureen, & Carolyn


Gina: The bay
Sue: Broken Wharf
Kath: Volcanic Rocks
Maureen: Shag Wrestling
Caro: Waves