22nd September 2021

Trip Report and Images: Caro Collins

Many thanks to Kath for organising a “pop up” walk at the Kurashiki sister city garden among the cherry blossoms. Ninety minutes flew by as we “macro-ed” bees, zoomed blossoms and tried to get unusual angles on the sculptures.
I hadn’t been there in the Spring for a few years and there are now twice as many cherry trees as before. Apparently there was an organised gathering, a “HANAMI” last weekend when the blossom was at its best. Today we had the area more or less to ourselves and there being so many trees, it was no problem to get images without waiting.
Great hilarity ensued after we had our drinks….apparently the best part of a coffee is at the very bottom and takeaway cups are too deep for dainty fingers. Then someone who shall remain  nameless, found out that a whole hand can fit into the cup. A few minutes later, stacking cups for the rubbish provided more laughs as someone hadn’t finished their drink which then erupted all over the table.
Let’s try and have more of these impromptu rambles please, with some at the weekend for those still working. Thanks so much, Kath, for starting the ball rolling.

Caro: Petals
Caro: Blossom
Caro: New Leaves