Heathcote Salt Marshes Field Trip

Trip Guide: Gundis

Field Trip Report by Gundis

On an overcast morning twelve keen NPS members gathered near Ferrymead Golf Course. An excavator and trucks were working near the car park and luckily did not disturb us or the birdlife on our walk along the river bank. With breeding season being over all the birds seemed to be having a relaxing day. Even though they were not busy flying back and forth foraging, some of us managed to get some great shots. We saw kingfishers, spoonbills, oystercatchers, paradise shelducks, gulls and white faced herons. A shag enjoyed his lookout on a high pole. In the paddocks spur-winged plovers and magpies were feeding. Lesley spotted an interesting lichen, so everybody seemed to find a subject matter to their liking.
Just before it started drizzling we made it to a nearby café.
Thanks to everybody for joining the trip and making it to a great time socializing with fellow photographers. Thanks Peter and Bob for supporting me organising my first NPSNZ field trip!

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