Honours Workshop – Saturday 21st November with John C Smith
An interesting, informative and very well presented workshop by John C Smith, held at our club rooms.
John stepped down from the Honours Board in February 2020, thus being in a position to offer his help with this workshop. His knowledge and insight into what is required to submit a successful honours set is incredibly invaluable.
Seven members attended and I am sure all left feeling a lot more positive about putting forward an application. 
John started with a brief outline of the categories for honours and a talk on what the Honours Board would be looking for.  We were able to view the club website on the big screen. This was great as we were able to view members honours sets in each category with John commenting on why they worked. John gave a handout with pointers on what to aim for to submit a successful application.
After a brief morning tea John moved onto viewing members proposed sets. Some printed and others on the big screen. Having a great selection printed certainly proved very invaluable as they were able to be shuffled around on the table into different combinations, many discussions with everyone being able to comment was very popular. 
A big thank you to John for presenting this workshop, greatly appreciated by all who attended.