21 June 2023

We met at the Thomas Edwards Band Rotunda opposite the Margaret Mahy playground and strolled through Rauora Park and the newly developed residential areas, exploring some of the lanes, interesting street art and hidden corners.  It was fun composing images of urban landscapes, trying to incorporate green spaces with architecture.  I set my camera to bleached colour, and am quite pleased with the results.  We walked as far as the Berlin Wall panels on Hereford Street, which is beautifully painted and thought provoking.  Cutting back towards Margaret Mahy playground, we passed through Cathedral Junction, which proved photogenic.  I particularly enjoyed the curves and angles in the city.  I think only three members registered for this trip, but nine arrived for the walk around this small part of the inner city.  We stopped for coffee, cake and a chat at a cafĂ© in New Regent Street.

Thank you Liz for a great morning out.

By Jane Coulter