18th March 10 pm Night Photography

After a most informative talk at our March meeting five of our Members met up at Travis Wetland eager to see what invertebrates we might discover and photograph with our Guest Speaker and Insect Guru, Bryce McQuillan’s guidance.  

At times there was a light drizzle, but we kept to the edge of the forest and managed to keep ourselves dry.  

We found Crane Flies, Nursery Web and Orb Web spider species not always in the most convenient locations but with a bit of teamwork juggling light and camera and laying upside down on the ground some images were made. Some of us managed to photograph some Crane flies mating.

After spending about an hour finding subjects, we called it a night.

Many thanks to Bryce for his generosity in sharing his knowledge and time to be our guide.

Leader Nadine Campbell

Nadine Campbell: Orb web spider Travis Wetland
Robert Green - Zealaranea crassa
Greg McKenzie - Crane Flies mating
Greg McKenzie - Orb Web Spider