Kaikoura Field-Trip- 22nd to 24th Sept 2017
Field-Trip Guide: Barry
Field-Trip report: Karen

resolutely fearless; dauntless:
an intrepid explorer.

A group of 13 headed north.  Inland road closed due to slip.  Coastal road closed due to slip.  Our intrepid travellers headed north anyway.  The café offered us floor space for the night needed.  We also tried for accommodation in Oaro but were told no, sorry, SHUT SHUT.  Very funny at the time, but a sad state for a lot of locals after the quake closed roads.  The road finally opened briefly to ”escorted groups of 100 cars”!!!  The roading workers deserve medals- the slips are humungous.
Dinner on Friday night was was excellent at the Pier Hotel and the Pot Luck on Saturday could not have been better if it was actually planned.

Kaikoura’s landscape has changed so much-needs to be seen to be believed.  The raised seabed was amazing with high tide now below the old low tide mark.  We experienced beautiful sunrises,  scenes with snow capped mountains, emerald coated rocks, stunning rock formations, even some miniature “Moeraki” boulders.  We spent a lot of time watching/photographing the nesting Banded Dotterels.  It was great watching their little territorial squabbles.

Many thanks to Barry for organising such a fantastic weekend.

Image courtesy of Barry Dench

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