Lake Coleridge with Sue – Sept 30th to Oct 2nd 2016

Field Trip report by Sue.

All arrived safely, by early evening, to our accommodation at Quartz Hill Station shearer’s quarters. A few saw the sunrise and early morning light, then with lunches cut, thermoses filled our small convoy of two 4wd’s, Brian(driver) Rod & Sue and Carl(driver) Diana and Lesley took off.

On the way to Upper Glenthorne Station to get the Lake Ida gate key we passed Lakes Georgina, Evelyn, Selfe and Henrietta. These all had wonderful reflections and a pair of Grebes. The Georgina and Selfe Grebe pairs were very obliging and we got some lovely pictures. Rod ventured out into the clumpy reed area and found that the muddy bottom was about 2 ft deep and has now made memo to self “Bring spare trousers”.

The Harper River valley and Wilberforce scenery and big skies were amazing. We accessed Lake Ida and were greeted by a Possum at the lake edge, also a White faced Heron flew overhead. Walked round the lake edge to the massive shingle fan which separates Big & Little Lake Ida. Back to carpark for lunch. Followed road to Lake Catherine, enjoyed many different subjects there, as we were about to leave a Kea flew in and perched in the Willow tree. More subject matter. On the way back to Quartz Hill Station we passed some wonderful cherry blossom at Terrace Downs Golf Course, which couldn’t be ignored. Painting with light after a wonderful meal.

Sunday Off to Coleridge Village to see the power station and amble around the Arboretum which was established in 1933 by E.Hart. It’s a selection of Pines from all over the world. Brian gave us a running commentary from an information booklet which was appreciated. Then off to Glentunnel for another history lesson from Tony and Al who are the local custodians of the very well stocked museum. We had home-made goodies and REAL COFFEE for lunch in the church grounds. 

Thanks to you all for your enjoyable company and I hope you all had a good time.


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