Report by Sue Blair
On a crisp clear morning 10 members headed to Lake Heron. Travelling the Rakaia Gorge route we saw the results of the recent flooding and more recent high winds. What a mess!
A quick stop at the Mt Somers General Store for refreshments. We checked out the Maori Lakes on the way to Lake Heron. Both had stunning reflections of snow capped mountains in mirror-like surfaces.
We mossied up the side of the lake discovering icicles under a dripping water tank, pet Thar and still more stunning vistas. Lunch was at the end of Lake Heron, where the “shaving brush” shaped plants are, in very warm conditions. A slight breeze came up as we made our way to Lakes Camp and Clearwater. The ruffling of the water made it a little harder to get reflections … but we managed. The willows added subtle colour to the scene.
The Potts river look-out was a popular place, a few clouds gathering made it a fantastic scene. We heard that one of the bridges had been badly damaged, some of us went to see.
A great day, awesome company and thanks to the weather gods who excelled themselves.

Ed.  Thanks for a great day Sue

Sue Blair: Maori Lakes
Sue Blair: Lake Camp