Field Trip Report – Lincoln University Magnolia Collection, Saturday 5th September.

Eighteen members assembled at Lincoln University on Saturday morning to visit the magnolia collection on campus. These trees were planted in the 1990s and form the largest collection of magnolias in the South Island, with up to 130 different species hybrids and cultivars grown.

Nor west winds earlier in the week, followed by hail and then a heavy frost had combined to make a number of the flowers rather bedraggled, but everyone scattered amongst the trees and soon found some undamaged flowers and buds to photograph.

The weather was kind, with no wind, and the flower colours ranged from pure white to delicate pinks through to the deepest purple. A few obliging fantails even joined us, for those who had brought their longer lenses.

The morning ended in traditional fashion at the local Robert Harris coffee shop.

Thank you all for coming.

Elizabeth Burtt

Elizabeth Burtt: White Magnolia
Elizabeth Burtt: Pale Magnolia
Elizabeth Burtt: Pink Magnolia