Leader: Liz Clark

Trip Report: Maureen Pierre

On a perfect morning for flower photography a group of 14 of us met at various points around the grounds, getting together at the car park – to start off together but being photographers that lasted a very short time before we were all off to explore all corners of the early summer gardens. There was a lovely lily at the far end of the drive, daisies near the bridge and gardens that were hot colours – orange, red, yellow, and cool colours – purples and pinks. Many great trees, and of course the buildings themselves. With so many interesting corners, like the white garden and the fernery there was scope for everyone, and all types of images – macro, landscape and small animals like spiders and native bees, and birds.  At the end of the morning there was a lovely drink and snack at the Dux Dine. Thanks very much to Liz for organising it for us. Very much appreciated by all.
Mona Vale Gardens