Nik Software workshop with Stacey on the 1st May 2016

Report: Sue Blair

10 students turned up before time and were escorted to the room where our ‘Teacher’ Stacey commenced to introduce us to Nik software to be used on black & white images. No laptops were operational until we were told to, then we were let loose. After a lunch break, which was very enjoyable we back into it again.
This time Photo shop- Layers, Masks and Blending Modes. A lot more complicated than the morning’s lessons, but very interesting and tempting, since we saw the lovely results Stacey has accomplished. Stacey’s calm teaching method was very easy to understand and appreciated.
Stacey thanks so much for your time and effort, and the added info too. A very informative time had by all.

Nik Software on flickr