In light of new Government restrictions just announced it is obvious we all need to contribute in the fight against Covid-19.  Given the escalation of Covid-19 cases in New Zealand we acknowledge the need to protect the vulnerable and anxious amongst us, and the need to look after their physical and emotional wellbeing.  It is unknown just how many cases there may be in NZ and we have a responsibility to our members and the community and need to be cautious.  Now is not the time for gatherings of any size and travelling in vehicles and planes etc, often in close proximity to others.
Taking all available information into account the NPSNZ committee has decided to cancel all events until further notice.  We sincerely hope that we can get back to ‘business as usual’ very soon.

NPSNZ Monthly Club Nights:  Cancelled until further notice.
Field Trips:  All field trips cancelled until further notice.  
Any deposits already paid may be partially refunded or lost.  We will do our very best to retrieve what we can for you.
For their own safety we advise against any members travelling in their own right to any of the cancelled Field Trip destinations. 
Field Trip Coordinator to liaise with Trip Leaders of all planned field trips.
Media:  Newsletters and all social media sites will continue as normal.
Your committee will be working on some innovative online options to help members to stay engaged.
Committee Meetings: 
Business to be conducted via email or other electronic means.
All of the above to be reviewed continuously.  Further decisions will be made by end of June at the latest.

For everything you need to know about COVID-19 in New Zealand, see the Unite Against COVID-19 website at https://covid19.govt.nz/

Thank you for your understanding.

Peter Hockley