Orana Park 23rd November 2016

Trip Leader and Trip Report – Pol

Five of us showed up for this mid-week trip. The day was supposed to be hot, but we were lucky that it remained mostly overcast, so although warm, it was not unpleasantly so. The overcast also gave us good light. We stopped off to watch the gibbons (and scaup) on our way to the gorillas, which were outside when we arrived, so great opportunities for photographs. Giraffes were cooperative, although tigers AWOL on this occasion. Seeing the water buffalo up to their necks in water, and emus taking advantage of a temporary bathing pool created when keepers turned on a hose for them, were highlights, and something I hadn’t seen before. Nearly every time I go to Orana Park I see something that I haven’t seen before, so I find my membership worthwhile. This also helps support the animals.

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