Orana Wildlife Park  – Saturday 5 December

Trip Leader:  Remco Baars

Report: Remco Baars

Julius Caesar would have said: we came, we saw animals, we photographed them. He may even have had a nice salad at the cafe (you guess what sort…)

We, however, started out at the zoo school, where Toby and Elizabeth had made available a range of skulls, stuffed animals that were mostly CITES confiscations by customs, and a range of plastic replica skulls. The macro lenses got a good workout and there were lots of questions about who was related to whom with the human ancestor skulls – time for some impromptu biology lessons. The rest of the day was spent wandering around the rest of the park and photographing the animals that were out on display. Timing was critical – you had to be in the right spot at the right time to get that image, but that is the nature of photography.

A big thank you to Orana Park for making the Zoo School and the skulls available – even the brief rain could not dampen our spirits on a great day like this.

Orana Park