Port Levy Saddle and surrounding areas. – Composition Workshop – 21st October 2017

Trip Guide: John

Trip Report: Carolyn

Take 1 person eager to put into practice the composition tips  learned from the master, John C. Smith, one week earlier. 

Multiply by 22. 

Add numerous cups of coffee and muffins at the Little River Gallery. 

Divide by the number of road signs warning that the Western Valley Road is closed.  

Add reassurance by John that the road is open. 

Add invigorating strolls on both sides of the Port Levy Saddle. 

Subtract the less than wonderful light conditions.

Multiply by the number of totara stumps (and trees still standing) for Leading Lines, Diagonal Lines, Horizontals vs Verticals and Balance etc.

Subtract the number of pine trees that marred good landscapes.

Multiply by the number of sighs of relief that the road down to Port Levy was still passable.

Add the number of happy tummies after lunch in the sun by the jetty at Port Levy.

Subtract the number of minutes spent looking for lost car keys.

Add the number of photos taken using the Principle of thirds at The Monument.

Divide by the number of composition tips we still need to try.

Sum Total – a marvellous day with the usual great company of NPS members and the guidance of our tutor.

Thank you, John. A great day was had by all.

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