April 15th 2023

Report by Sheryl Frew

A group of 14 Photographers gathered at Little River – some took the opportunity for a hot drink before the group headed up the road to Port Levy.  Reaching the car park on the saddle the temperature was much chillier than at the café – donning woolly hats and coats the  group headed off to the totara stumps (around 40 minute walk from the car park) – patches of regenerating bush provided shelter until reaching the more windswept and open area.  The few trees struggling to survive are beautiful shaped by the wind and many took the opportunity to photography the interesting shapes.  On reaching the stump area unfortunately the wind was bitterly cold and the light very dull, a few photos were taken and then we hurried back to an area where an outcrop of trees provided an area to play around with black and white photography, explore back patterns and watch the Kereru. 

As this was my first visit to the area I’m keen to return when there is a bit more light (and perhaps less wind) – thanks to Kath for organising the trip always good to visit a new area.

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