Still Life Photography with Stacey – 18, 21, 25 June

By Stacey Hill

Despite ongoing technology difficulties, the workshop attendees were very patient while I worked through them.  The initial session was a Show and Tell of my props, materials and backdrops that I use when shooting Still Life.

The Sunday event was a live shoot example, where I set up two different arrangements and explained my thought process, reason for styling and designing the arrangement and a bit about how I shot it and why.

Then the fun stuff, where the attendees had a week to take the knowledge on board and experiment on their own.  There were 20+ images submitted by several participants, all with a very unique style.  Our last session was a Zoom one so everyone could chat and ask questions.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed themselves despite my issues with WIFI and headsets and keep on experimenting.  It was the first time I had done a photography presentation like that before, and I learned a lot.  Thanks to everyone who attended, especially for their patience while I wrangled my laptop to behave.