By Carolyn Collins

Caro Collins: CabbageTree

Caro Collins: CabbageTree

How little we notice small details as we rush from place to place! This was brought home very strongly to us as we took part in Andrea’s challenge to make a photo every 5 steps in and around Victoria Square.

We all spread out and started in different places.

These are a few of the many things that caught my eye as we peered up, down, left right, behind us and into the distance.

  • a new wooden sculpture of 3 Maori figures in a waka
  • metal “walkspace” tags on wooden seats
  • prehistoric figures cut into a metal pole
  • two tiny cartoon figures at the bottom of a planter
  • weather-worn bridge railings
  • lichen-coated metal and concrete
  • verses etched in paving stones
  • a cabbage tree growing 3 metres up in the notch of a giant plane tree and three ancient cabbage trees, trunks completely hollowed out but tops looking healthy

After an hour and a half we wandered off to enjoy a drink and a chat.

Thank you, Andrea, for encouraging us to notice “the small things”.