Virtual field trip on the 3rd May, triggered by an idea of Nicki Mora’s.

The instruction was to find some colourful trees nearby and join in the Facebook live stream from NPSNZ Members group or try some of the ideas in the preliminary email in your own time.

Followed by a zoom meeting to chat about the images.

Comments from Participants

  • That tutorial on multiples and practical session this afternoon was brilliant in my opinion. I learned heaps. Thank you
  • I must try that , I’ve done the zoom before but not the twist.
  • That upside down effect looks fun. I shall try that too.
  • Richard is at the window with camera in hand 🙂
  • Great, I shall go and have a go now. Thanks. Bye for now.
  • You will be having a ball – well done you.

Video available on NPSNZ Members Facebook Group

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